In Florida, A Trump Golf Resort Become A Casino

Last month, the end of an era was reportedly marked when the Trump Plaza was razed in Atlantic City. Donald Trump, the former president of the US-owned this property, is still in existence as the last gambling property. On Trump’s casino activity essentially, the book closed by the city’s skyline’s disappearance. However, to bring it back to life, a new reader could emerge. The Head of the Trump organization, Donald Trump’s son, Eric Trump, wants to establish a casino by converting Florida’s Family-owned property.

Gambling Could Offer by the Miami Doral Resort

To establish a casino resort in South Florida, for the Miami Doral Resort, Trump is lobbying, according to the report of Washington post. In four years, the property has struggling to survive; the property has four golf courses and 640 hotel rooms. Last year the property revenue dropped by $57 million, and the pandemic of Covid-19 has not helped. Over 550 employees affected by the Furloughs and Layoffs string effect led by this. To convert the property into a gambling resort catalyzed the idea.

Previously the lawmakers in Florida tried to convince the former POTUS to expand gambling options in the state and for new casino license approval pushing them forward. However, in 2018, in the state’s constitution, an amendment approved by the Florida voters will determine the expansion of specific gambling, not lawmakers. Soon introducing a new bill could change that.

New Casino License Considered by the Lawmakers

For specific properties, the real estate developers would issue gambling permits, and this initiative is taking reportedly behind by Wilton Simpson (Florida Senate President). Without the intervention of the local government, they would concede the license. Including Ron DeSanctis, the current governor, with all Florida’s republicans, the Trump family has close ties.

Simpson’s Spokesperson Katie Betta told the post that negotiations in gaming are incredibly complicated. The efforts are worthy; believes Simpson, we need to realistic about where we are and its importance. For years in these negotiations, the senate head has involved, and it would be beneficial if they got a place.