In Ongoing Crackdown Virginia Vape Shops Raided for Suspected Wagering Violations

Illegal gambling joints operating in vape shops face a continued crackdown by the police of Norfolk. Computers, gaming equipment and $5000 seized by the cop and two people were apprehended in the latest raid.

On Thursday, the police investigated the property, called Dragon Vapes. In the vape business, possibly illegal activities that were going on had been tipped off through multiple complaints to the Norfolk police department.

For processing illegal gambling devices, Jimmie W. Hicks was indicted. Police said that with being a gambling activity, accessory Monika S. Torrence was accused.

Department of Anti-crime Division investigates the allegations of illegal activity.

Previous Vape Lounge Raid Precedes to Attacks and Arrests

Lucky Vape Lounge, another vape business raided by Norfolk police, in the previous month.

In the raid of March 4, two people also got arrested. For about $1600, gaming stations and computers seized by the cops.

For processing illegal gambling devices, Ann P. Barker and Major J. Riley charged by the cop. Another charge against Riley is that he was carrying a concealed weapon.

The lounge had an active ABC license (Alcoholic Beverage Control); WAVY said it on a raid report. This means that up to eight games of skill can operate in this business.

But according to the report of WAVY, at the lounge, there were more than eight games.

Any of the lounges gaming devices cannot show the required yellow tax certificates from the ABC of Virginia, a review of Norfolk police told that.

Skill Games Ban Pushed by Gov. Northam

Statewide, Gov. Ralph Northam of Virginia worked to ban games of skill as these raids took place. Slot machines resemble them and get confused with the fun of chance for sometimes.

To outlaw the skill games, the legislature approved a gaming bill (House Bill 2168) already amended by Northam. Under a grey area of the law, they operate in the state.

Over the legislation, there was confusion. To provide Covid-19 relief, the skill games were getting taxed.

In this coming summer, the legislation is not allowing the state to continue the offer. The mistake expected to clear by the new legislation.