In Pandemic Time Uruguay’s Private Gambling is a Feast

The Covid-19 case of private-sector gambling was criticized by the state-owned casinos of Uruguay, saying that it did not abide by the safety, security, and health protocols.

On Monday, a decree issued by the Government ordering the state-owned casinos closure and the same urge to the private sector. Against private operators, Uruguay’s National Association of State Casino Officials states that they are not obeying the public health recommendations. By the shutdown of two weeks, more than 1000 employees have been affected.

With the Shutdown Decree, Private Casinos Fail to Comply

Compared to the current situation of Covid-19 in the country, the unregulated private gambling sector faces criticism for their action by Uruguay’s National Association of State Casino Officials. The illegal establishment’s owner is not taking the situation seriously, and without any sanitary control, they are continuing their activity, in a statement the state officials say.

Until April 12, a decree ordered by the Uruguayan Government to close all state-owned casinos, and the private sector operators asked to follow the suits. A few days ago, excluding casinos, I was issued the initial order. Still, afterward, the gaming halls decided to close by the Republic presidents and Azucena Arbeleche, Ministry of Economy and Finance.

From Manaus, Brazil P1 variant identification and Increasing cases of Covid-19 prompted the issue of the Government’s actions.

The covid-19 epidemic has not caused by only one casino in the country. We acted with a stringent hygienic protocol; this happened because the office of Planning and Budget and the Ministry of Public Health agreed to this.

The Government established compulsory health and safety protocols, including a limited number of customers, disinfections and masks, temperature control, gaming terminal distance, and sanitizing machines installation.

On Uruguay’s Agenda Online Casino Bill

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