Indiana Gambling Regulator fined Horseshoe Hammond Casino $100,000

Last November, Indiana Gambling Commission fined Caesars organized Hammond Casino $100,000 for allowing an underage person into the gambling floor on various occasions. The ID card the person held failed authenticity verification every time.

Veridocs report claimed that in the technology farm Horseshoe, they scan customer’s ID. Different security officers scanned the young gambler’s Pennsylvania ID 40 times between November 1 and 17 November. But it failed all the time.

On 18 November, this person was also caught at Illinois Casino when he used his ID for entrance. Because it failed the authentication checking.

The Indiana Gambling Commission revealed in its report that this underage gambler also had three William Hill Sports Book vouchers and Caesar’s reward card. William Hill Casino gave the opportunity of sports betting facility at their casino.

All vouchers the person had valued at $1,100. On 16 November, he placed a bet and eventually lost it. Before two days of this incident, he was sneaking into the same casino in that region.

General Manager of Horseshoe Hammond Kathryn Jenkins stated that the underage gambler had a good ID.

Imperfections of Veridocs

Ms. Jenkins stated that the Veridocs system is not flawed, but it’s not reliable also. Because while the ID failed in scanning, a security officer has the right to approval. She also stated that no one under 30 didn’t enter the gambling floor via the security checking system.

When she was asked about the other underage players to slip throughout the system, she answered that hopefully, there was no occurrence related to this issue. But she believes in human flaws. As they do everything for the regulation, they could assure that this kind of mistake never happened.

The Horseshoe Hammonds General Manager makes the accessibility of consumers in the Veridocs system clear. He claimed that this system could work with accuracy about 97% time. The left 3% error could be for array factors and using a dirty card.

Horseshoe Hammond instructed to submit a foolproof action plan with Indiana Gambling Commission. It also ordered this casino’s internal control to avoid regulation actions by the state’s gambling regulator.