IPI Claims Ignorance as the Reason for Its Failure to Sustain Control

It seems that ill fortune is not getting tired of following the trail of Imperial Pacific International (IPI). The casino empire is getting quite famous nowadays for providing scandalous news every now and then. The investigation into one of its scandals finds its way to another. However, amidst all the negative news that emerged around the company, it seems there was also a positive one. The casino operator finally had been able to repay all its workers who were kept from having several months’ salaries.

However, the positive outcome is the result of the operator being threatened by the court. The court noticed the chairperson of IPI repay its employees to avert her possibility to be in jail. Now when the company managed to pay back the due, it underwent intensive scrutiny. The Saipan authority insisted that scrutiny dig out the actual reason behind the company’s failure to pay its workers in time.

Consequently, the IPI officials attested what was already anticipated by the most. All its problems were rooted in the lack of funds and the company’s ignorance.

Excuse That Doesn’t Comply

The operator had been summoned by the lawmakers, gambling regulators and judges and asked to explain the root of their struggle. The operator was drowned into numerous accusations like forcing employees to live below the standard living condition, not providing their salaries. Everyone was curious about the factors that lead such a giant company to lose its control.

Chairman Cui stated that her ignorance about the issue was a part of the reason behind IPI’s failure. She was totally unaware of the U.S. laws and totally unfamiliar with her newfound posts’ responsibilities. Juan Lizama, the lawyer of Cui, gave a statement on behalf of the IPI chairperson. He said that the Saipan was not the place she had grown up. She had no knowledge of the U.S. business notions. It had been more difficult for Cui than it had been for the former CEO Donald Brown. The later one found it very hard to stand U. S’s laws and regulations.

However, this statement failed to stand a viable reason for Cui’s behalf. Ignorance of Law cannot make a failure to accord with the law. Captains must go down with his ship sunk for his mistake.