Ireland is to Bring Comprehensive Update to the Local Gambling Market

The gambling and lottery structure of Ireland is awaiting to implement a reformation. On the 1st of December, the country has declared to follow the latest Gaming and Lotteries Amendment act 2019. According to an insider source’s report, the new act was passed a year ago to refurbish the Gaming and Lotteries-acts of 1956 to 2013.

With the new legislature, the procedure described in the old one has got comprehensively streamlined, allowing different firms and individual persons to apply for every measure of lottery and gaming license. The source also explained that the new update has brought about more security for protecting consumers. Now the participants have to be aligned with an age limitation guideline that orders all kinds of licensed gamblers to be at least 18.

Local Gambling Market

Being a nation of around five million citizens, Ireland has installed strict penalties for the transgressors of the new gambling law. Those who contravene the guidelines may have to pay approximately $60,450 as a fine alongside up to two-years of jail. The law also revamps the prize and stake limits for all land-based gaming machinery and guides different charitable causes to receive the largest share of all types of lottery proceeds.

However, drawing attention to the newly incorporated act’s longevity, the source told that all the guidelines and procedures are temporary and expected to get amended in the next year. It will make a more stable and comprehensive overhaul of the Ireland Gambling Industry. Many of the country’s representators refer to the latest act as a sensible, effective, and modern regulatory and licensing approach.


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