Japan May Observe Non-Gaming Resorts Brought by Suncity

While maximum companies maneuvering in the betting industry have been struggling to keep their hairs and heads above the waterline as the COVID-19 fiasco continues to hold them down. Only a few have been able to work being above that waterline. Suncity is one of those successful casinos that doesn’t fall into the failed group as a couple of the company’s announcements this week. The Hong Kong-listed company is advancing with its two non-gaming resorts which the company wants to construct in Japan. It is also getting ready to move forward to the last phase of the betterment at its Hoiana Resort in Vietnam.

Multiple Projects

Suncity has confirmed the fact that it has a desire to build a luxurious resort in Japan’s Hokkaido, particularly in the favorite Niseko ski town. It will look glamorous and be designed for all kinds of visitors and travelers. The company stated that with the development plans and all the other aspects in the work in 2021, the project will feature a large area of around 20 hectares, converging the natural scenic beauty of Niseko and favorable leisure amenities.

Suncity believes its ability to begin the work on that property before the end of this current year and ultimate objectives to reach the Japanese endeavors to a strong position to fight for gaming license as soon as the country finds its integrated resort market flourishing.

The construction will be run simultaneously with the building of a second similar type of resort on Miyako Island which is located in Okinawa. Suncity bought a plot in that city more than a year ago and has its own plans to construct a property that will have 100 residential rooms and around 40 personal villas, every one of which will have its own swimming pools. After finishing this project, it will be undoubtedly one of the biggest of such facilities in that region.

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