Jetair Caribbean Included Santo Domingo to Reconnect Curacao

Jetair Caribbean gained the Air Operator Certificate (AOC) in November 2019.  The Curacao Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA) issued the certificate providing approval to the carrier to launch its own charter flights.

The airline was conveying its activities as a replacement airline since Insel Air confronted bankruptcy. It had been preparing to make its entry into the commercial passenger aviation market of the area. It selected regions like Santo Dominican Republic’s Santo Domingo, which is the capital of Jamaica, and Haiti’s Port-au-Prince and Kingstone.

Thereafter, the company had planned to expand its coverage towards Colombian cities like Barranquilla and Medellin.

Ticket sales were to start soon, and different channels like websites, live stations would deliver those tickets. Once tickets got opened, it would be great news for travelers and gamblers of Dominic regions as Curacao would be a treat for both types of aficionados.

Reinstallation of Connectivity

Jetair Caribbean was first launched in March 2019, shortly after Insel Air went totally bankrupt and closed its forever. A local charter aviation operator United Caribbean Airlines (UCA), along with some other local investors and the help of the Curacao government, launched Jetair Caribbean so as to connect paused connectivity throughout the Dutch island.

The attainment of the certificate demonstrated the diligence of Curacao and the priority the island put on reestablishing that halted connectivity. As for the Dutch island is a unique and unparalleled tourism sector. Casino and tourism industries are the main income sources for the Curacao economy.

To achieve the certification process, the startup managed to get its first air-vehicle, the Fokker 70, which was priorly owned by the company KLM Cityhopper. The aircraft got transferred to Willemstad’s Hato International Airport in March. Only four months later, Jetair received its second, which was the last of all the assembled models.

After being certified, Jetair Caribbean stated that it would start to sell all types of charter flights while working along with authorities to gain the corresponding licenses to launch regular commercial bowing flights. They would initially head to South America and the Caribbean regions.