Mutant Covid-19 Strain in the UK Made London Casinos Close

The casinos of London just had recently get to reopen after a monthling circuit breaker lockdown that sustained till December 2. Now as newly evolved coronavirus attacked the UK, London is again forced into an unexpected lockdown. Before the recent lockdown, casinos were executing their operations under a curfew that started at 11 pm. Operators reopened those casinos in August after the UK’s March lockdown.

But when the industry is railing before the clear injustices brought about by these lockdown restrictions, only a few dissented their voices. The lockdown named the circuit breaker seemed to impact a little. Negative case examples are rising as in the southeast and in London. In both these regions, health officials have recognized a newly evolved genetic variant of the pandemic coronavirus.

Quickly Spreading than Expected

Health Secretary of UK, Matt Hancock said that the evolved strain is not to be believed as more lethal than the last strains and it would be highly odd if these new strains showed any kind of resistance to vaccines. However, he also added that it appeared to be spreading with more intensity and vigor and he thought this new kind is responsible for the latest surge in those regions.

In another statement, Hancock said that London had been upgraded to the third tier from Wednesday which was the maximum level of restriction procedure set by the country. This inhibits any type of indoor meeting among people if they are not from the same household. And it covers restaurants, entertainment venues, and pubs.

Astonishingly, bookmaking stalls can be open installing restriction guidelines which include limited customers, prohibition on sports broadcasts, and the removal of furniture like chairs and tools.

The previous nine months were brutal for the casino industry of the UK. The Gaming and Betting Council said that curfews and lockdowns had made the brick-and-mortar gaming portion down 70% of that in 2019. One of the Giant Casinos in the UK, Genting told in July it had planned to sack around 1600 employees and workers.

In the meantime, UK’s Caesars Entertainment announced that Southend Rendezvous Casino would close forever due to the economic pressures that emerged for pandemic coronavirus.

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