Nielsen Says, in Q1 2021 TV Ads of US Betting and Gambling Hit $153.6 M 

In local TV spot space, the online gambling advertising in Q1 of 2021 skyrocketed to $153.6 million. According to a published report by Nielsen, significant growth of gambling advertising takes place from $10.7 million consumed in 2019.

In Q1 of 2021, the most spent adviser on TV advertising and the top advertiser is FanDuel, followed by BetMGM and DraftKings.

Wagering Advertising in the US Via Local Spot TV Skyrockets

Nielsen, the global analytic and data company, released a new report stating gambling operators are spending a lot on the local TV markets to advertise their products in the US. According to the report on online gambling, the advertising total spent was $153.6 million in Q1 of 2021 in the local spot space.

A significant increase represented by the numbers from the $10.7 million 2019 the operators spent back. National television was the second in line, wherein Q1 of 2020; the operators expended $24.8 million. On the other hand, gambling operators on TV network advertising paid only $6 million.

The Online Gambling Market of US, to Boost the Local TV Industry Holds the Potential

In March, Nielsen Ad Intel released the data, and according to that, in 2020, the TV advertising in the US reached $76 billion barely. Compared to the $84 billion, a decrease marked by this and this amount spent in 2019 on advertising.

Several categories of advertising pulling back and the direct result of this is the advertising decrease. Retail advertising pulling back significantly by several types, and it decreased by 22 per cent. Furthermore, there is a 17 per cent decrease in auto advertising, followed by an 8 per cent decrease in restaurant advertising.

Gambling operators are treating this as an opportunity while some of the publicists are pulling it back. In fact, according to the Advisory Services of BIA, online gambling in the US has the probability to boost the local TV industry by $587 million by 2024. According to Nielsen, this is excellent news for the local TV markets. It is considering that, within local TV markets, online gambling ads, nearly 80 per cent aired.

Focusing on the local spot TV online gambling advertisers, FanDuel is the top in Q1, 2021. On spot TV advertising nearly $57.7 million spent by the US-based company in Q1, 2021. And this represents a share of 37.5 per cent.