North Carolina’s Cherokee Casinos Remain Open Defying the State’s Stay-at-Home Order

Harrah’s Cherokee Casino-Resort has Chekoree Valley River-Casino are staying open while other commercial businesses are forced to be closed nightly according to the state orders.

North Carolina’s Cherokee Casinos

Abiding by Governor Roy Cooper’s order, North Carolina stepped into a customized stay-at-home order which became effective on Dec 11. Under this directive, people are expected to stay more at home between 10 pm to 5 am.  The exception can happen only in cases like emergency and essential travel.

Most of the commercial businesses which include entertainment, bars and restaurant venues, retail stores, and personal care are obligated to shut down before 10 pm. On-site stores that sell alcohol must close before 9 pm.

Both of the Harrah’s casinos, though, are owned by EBCI, or the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. Since different sovereign enterprises maneuvering on land possessed by the federally signified tribe, these resorts do not need to cling to state orders. And so, they are not.

Dec 11 had come and gone away while both the two properties of Harrah’s hadn’t even stopped serving alcohol at 9 pm. Neither did they withheld casino operations for the night.

Richard Sneed, Principal Chief of EBCI stated that after considerable research and contemplation, the EBCI would not be accepting the measures attached with the latest Executive Order approved by Roy Cooper.

Sneed said he would continue to watch for the impact of pandemic coronavirus and tried his best to establish safety distancing measures inside both casinos.

Both of these Cherokee casinos are making guests and employees undergo heat screenings before they enter the casino. People who have a temperature above 100.4 F is not approved access. Everyone who is inside the casino must wear a musk as long as he stays inside the building. While bars and restaurants are decreased to half of their capacity, the gaming floor doesn’t follow the same rule.

North Carolina is observing a huge increase in pandemic coronavirus cases. The state also has seen diurnal test results with positive cases of COVID-19 and the number of such cases has got doubled over the last month. Observing this surge, Governor Cooper ordered the last commercial businesses shutdown.


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