Numerous Visitors Being Drawn to Macau during This New Year’s Eve

Macau is celebrating the end of an unstable and odd year and the starting of a new and potentially one of the greatest ones with a beyond expectation performance. After going through a harsh and drought throughout the year 2020 caused by the COVID-19 and its weird antics, Macau achieved its record and its best in the previous 11 months of criticality on New Year’s Eve. It is a sign of a great start for its journey in 2021 as it is welcoming a massive number of visitors which is beyond their expectations. Hopefully, for the cities and their residents, the casinos, and all other businesses, this huge traffic is a mark of what is to come forth in 2021.

Still Below Expectation

The eventual tally of visitors on Dec 31, according to information published by the MGTO, or the Macao Government Tourism Office the previous day and which was 30,747. November 20 is the day when the Macao Grand Prix was been held and observed 28,247 visitors passed through boundary regulation on Christmas Day in Macau. In normal fashion, the vast portion of the visitors from the day Dec 31 to Jan 3 were from China. The quotidian average across the range was around 20K and of which around 19,629 people were mainlanders and around 1,368 came from Hong Kong, depending on the MGTO information.

When Macau was capable to exit the critical condition with an enormous bang at the last part of 2020. The number of visitors is not unmatchable to the typical time crowd number. Last January, the city had seen 92000 visitors on an average every day. However, that number has been plummeted to 5,585 in the following month as the regulation of Covid-19 shut down all the ways and reasons for people to come to the casinos.

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