Occupancy Surge Observed by Macau Hotels in December

Though none indulge in thinking or conversing about the effect of the pandemic, turns out, people still don’t have any other choices as statistics and estimations need to be discussed to bring a broader view of the market. The worldwide aggression of the pandemic has hit the casino and hospitability sectors of Macau terribly last year. It made the city halt all gaming and other important activities for the maximum part of the year. However, things took a new direction the last December. Though the shift was not countably significant, some activities that were stopped for most of the year reinitiated in that month.

That slight shift was far from enough to surpass the requirement needed to revamp the condition fully. Moreover, forecasts from different sources for this continuing year still indicate more distress and suffering for the industry. However, among all such bad news, hotels in Macau observed a mean of 53.1% occupancy rate in the previous month. The figure introduces a red asterisk that shows drastically skewed results.

December made it the most favorable month for Macau’s hotels in 2020. The whole year’s mean occupancy was about 79.4% and it was around that time when the Covid-19 was starting to reveal its true nature. It didn’t take too much time for officials all across the world to stop all types of gaming-related activities.

Occupancy Level Downfall for Macau

The mean occupancy for top hotels in Macau became 51.9% in December, which was 41.4% less than that of one year earlier. 56.8% and 63.4% were the average occupancy level respectively in four-star and three-star hotels. Both have lost over 30% of what was enjoyed in December 2019. The number of recorded check-ins was 578,000 last month. Most of these casino goers were Macau residents.

People who came from mainland china reached the number 492,100 in December. The number shows a clear 40% year-on-year drop. The overall occupancy condition was far below the optimal line since the beginning of the pandemic. Even the most optimal time of that year didn’t allow hotels to become effective again.

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