On-demand Fuel Delivery Service Offered by MGM Resorts to Las Vegas Guests

MGM resorts’ guests in Las Vegas now can fuel up their vehicles in the parking garage while they play on the casino floor. The largest and giant operator of Strip resorts proclaimed that it had been restoring free parking service at all the Las Vegas properties under the company’s name in May. MGM executives said that the decision was only a part of the company’s more detailed and elaborated plan to attract back guests and visitors amid COVID-19. Coronavirus and its projected threat have made Valet remain postponed.

MGM has teamed up with Fuelster which is an on-demand fuel service provider. MGM visitors can simply just download the Fuelster app and set their gas door open just after parking in the casino garage and go for scheduling a fill-up. They don’t have to count any type of membership and delivery fee. Fuelster says the cost for the oil per gallon will be equal to that of the gas stations in that area.

MGM Resorts’ senior vice-president of sponsorship and sports has opined that MGM Resorts never stop finding new ways to deploy technology to advance the customer experience. He also has added that this latest amenity will make more visitors in Las Vegas certain and guests will find the casinos even more enjoyable and convenient.

Contactless Travel

Visitors who have volumed through the month of October have plummeted to 54.2% in Las Vegas. The little influx of visitors to Southern Nevada in 2020 has happened to be predominantly propelled-in arrival from Arizona and California.

Though the first delivery of the potential Covid-19 vaccine has been being sent all over the country this recent week, hospitalizations and new cases are thriving. Steve Sisolac, the Nevada Governor has said that the state noted a maximum number of quotidian deaths recently in a day with coronavirus.

When the disease still surging, MGM’s newly included service of on-demand fuel may have more of an objective or purpose. Consumer Reports told earlier in 2020 that fuel pump-handle and keypads payment can get contaminated with COVID-19 virus.

The non-profit customer organization suggests travelers bring latex globe or disposable nitrile along.

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