On Teen’s New Year Day Death Coroner Rules

In the Summerlin neighborhood at early New Year’s Day, an unresponsive dead body of a 13-year-old girl found, and on the cause of the death, the Clark County Coroner’s office has ruled.

From acute ethanol intoxication, the girl Aumnie Halper (13) died. Her death declared an accident.

Investigation Continues

On Monday, Larry Hadfield, the Metropolitan Police Department spokesman, said that detectives continue the investigation on the abuse and neglect.

Coroners’ findings will add to the case file as the case remains open. The Hadfield said if the police now investigate Aumnie’s death associated with any criminal element. To determine the death factor and other details, police are working.

As of Monday, no one accused of unlawful activity, he added.

According to the Metro spokesman and dispatch logs on January 1 morning, to request help for an unresponsive person called police 59 Panorama Crest Ave.

According to the property and business report, a renowned Las Vegas fertility doctor Eva Littman belongs to the home property.

On Monday for commenting, Littman could not be reached immediately.

At Les Blake’s home, Aumnie spent about five hours before going to Littman’s house. The Blake family’s spokesperson said that on New Year’s Eve, no drinking occurred at home.

The Coroner’s office said that at Summerlin Hospital Medical Center, Alumni were declared dead.

In January, Aumnie’s mother’s lawyer said that less than 24 hours before Littman home’s incidents, she spoke with her daughter to tell her about the danger of alcohol on New Year’s Eve.

The attorney Matthew Hoffmann said that Halper did not permit her daughter to drink. On Monday, through a spokesperson, Hoffmann could not reach immediately.

In January, Hoffmann said that a single mother, Halper, did not get an answer to many questions about how her daughter became an alcoholic.

According to the attorney from Halper’s home, none was missing. Alumni loved animals and were a vegetarian, according to her obituary. At her favorite animal shelter, she volunteered, and she loved to play with her Ukulele, loved basketball, volleyball, sewing, and science.