Owner of New Incheon Casino Resorts Fires Construction Workers

Employees reportedly sacked by Guangzhou R & F Properties (Chinese developer), working in South Korea on Midan City Resort Complex.

Formerly named Caesars Korea, now Midan City Resort Complex, is an integrated casino resort near Incheon International Airport (countries busiest travel hub) currently under construction development.

After Las Vegas casino giant Caesars Entertainment, the mega projects now promoted by R & K Korea, a subsidiary of Guangzhou. This past February, a Chinese partner, Caesars Entertainment, sold a 50 percent stake in the scheme.

Thirty employees of Tianli Korea Construction have fired by Guangzhou, according to the Korean news outlets reports. To build the integrated Resort, the development firm tapped previously. Last week of the dismissal of the employees, notified all 30 construction workers.

By discharging the Korean Construction company, the change was a portion of Guangzhou’s determination to restructure operations. For building the future casino and hotel complex, the Chinese developer desires to accept the straight accountabilities.

In Fall 2017, Resort worked first kicked off. Due to the coronavirus outbreak in February 2020, was halted development. The development also stopped because of the disagreement between local construction partners and Caesars because they demanded the fully paid outstanding funds for the project to keep it secure.

At that time, 25 percent of the Resort was complete.

One Year Extension Approved

In the next few weeks, construction work expected to resume. Over the process, the Guangzhou pretentious control appeared.

To complete and launch the integrated resort scheme, South Korea’s authorities gave a deadline extension for one year. After that, the news of dismissing employees by the company emerged.

By three years to push back the opening of the property, Guangzhou had required consent. By Mid-March, phase one of the complex was supposed to open by the company.

Once it becomes operational, the Resort’s expected feature is with multiple rooms and suites, a hotel, casino only for foreigners, apartment services, Villas, entertainment, retail, events and beverage and food facilities.

From the scheme, Caesars’s departure did not come as much as a surprise.