Peergame Has Finally Won the BSV Gambling License – Provided by Curaçao

Peergame is a BSV (Bitcoin SV) powered casino, which has finally received the license of the first online gaming website. In a tweet posted on 11th November, the organization mentioned that Curaçao had provided the eGaming license.

Peergame Has Won the BSV Gambling License

Peergame offers an easier experience, which is also known as the Casino 2.0 experience. The users don’t have to go for signing up and open an account, and there is also no pain of logging in or out. They can make bets simple and straight from the personal Bitcoin SV wallet. If the players win, their money is returned to their wallets instantly. Peergame is offering the games like Baccarat, Bitto (a lottery game), Turtle Races, Dice, etc.

In a media, the organization reported that they finally could obtain the great iGaming license from Curaçao and that indeed had taken a long time than anyone could anticipate. The reason was that the organization was a unique platform and had an exceptional player experience. Peergame also mentioned that fitting the system into a few of Curaçao’s regulations was critical as the industry hardly saw their unique systems.

Now they are proud that finally, they have become successful. Before receiving the license, the team declared an Affiliate program, and every detail is still fascinating on the topic. The efforts also disclose that the Bitcoin SV is popular and is accepted by many regulators.


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