Sandals Going to Inaugurate Its Resort on Curacao

Sandals Resorts International has placed a new resort in Curacao and hour reporter has caught the deputy chairman of this country in an interview when she was taking the dining with tuna. She was very excited and looking at the marina of the Caribbean island talked about the reasons to open their business in Curacao.

Resort on Curacao

According to her, they are on a new island which is very magnificent and going to be the first island for them outside the Caribbean of British ruled islands. Sandals, this chain restaurant industry is planning to establish its foundation in the fourth quarter of 2021. Golf Resort and the Santa Barbara Beach were opened here to perform the role of Hyatt Regency Curacao in the year 2010.

Because of the pandemic, all the operations regarding the properties of Santa Barbara have been suspended by June 2020. The company of Sandals was searching for an appropriate destination from a long time including several years. As soon as they have seen the site and the adjusted hotel, they simply loved that.

The property is situated near the Spanish Water, a lagoon which is built naturally. It only takes twenty minutes to reach there from the capital of Willemstad if we use a car. This will be established in the southern coast of Curacao to provide the best scenic beauty offering the delightful gastronomy service.

Adam Stewart was also saying that they have a long family connection with the Dutch a long way back. It is mostly about the traditional story where his dad Butch Stewart who is also the founder of the Sandals Resorts International used to work for the Trading Company of Curacao by running their business at Jamaica. She also added that they respect the work ethic of Dutch and love the taste of their food. She completed her study from Holland’s hospitality school after college.

It is true that this little island has a great market with visitors from Ireland. From the Amsterdam KLM’s flight connects Curacao and from the U.S JetBlue and American are already serving. The company of Sandals is expecting more airlift from the carriers of the United States.







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