SoftSwiss has Integrated Cryptocurrency Payment System

SoftSwiss Game Aggregator has shown a corporate report that Finland has an absolute relative value for the cryptocurrency where gambling traffic can be increased with threefold comparing to the result of 2019. The COO of SoftSwiss has ensured this.

Integration of the Cryptocurrency

The Game Aggregator of SoftSwiss supports the most popular cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is proving it the undoubted leader in the market, which is dominating more than 90%. The other cryptocurrencies such as LTC and ETH are holding the rest of the 10%.

The report gets the conclusion that the rapid growth in the popularity of cryptocurrency may lead one to change is real money into the virtual one. Bitcoin is no longer working as an exotic thing. The casino operators are adding the option of crypto payment to their platforms. The facility has made the payment procedure a lot easier, and at present, they can take benefits of this from anywhere.

Andrey Starovoitov has also added that the new crypto methods are only for the players. 70 game studios have around the world have already installed the crypto payment method in their system. It has already provided more than 10,000 different types of games. Among them, 3,000 support the in-game in crypto.

An extensive portfolio like this can be integrated with any of the gaming platforms. Besides, the solution also provides unique customer support for their service. In the upcoming years, they are expecting to add new features those will also support cryptocurrency payment. The casino operators are going to integrate the new crypto payment for the players.

SoftSwiss Game Aggregator has continued its partnership with more than 70 studios globally. They are providing more than 1000 different types of games based on crypto. The great portfolio of them in the betting industry is worth being followed by the other betting sites. The solution has a unique model for customer service. Their platform is very intuitive with unique API integration.

Besides, the solution also covers a unique model of customer service. They provide the 24 hours customer support and promise to retain their uniqueness for the customers.