Soon to Massachusetts Casinos the Poker is Coming Back

Gradually the restrictions related to Covid-19 lifted by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission. Until August 1, all such conditions plan to raise by Governor Charlie Baker, yet the MGC have to act, and the result may be returning of Poker game.

The Massachusetts casinos operate under capacity restrictions and strict safety and health protocols in the ongoing pandemic context. The capacity restriction emerges with the law of four people on a table game. And for this reason, poker games are not offered by the major operators.

Gradually the gambling regulators continue to lift the restrictions, and soon the poker games may return.

Covid-19 Restrictions Gradually Relaxes by the MGC

Massachusetts poker fans in the state may need to wait for some time before returning the game to the casinos. Charlie Baker, the Governor, recently revealed that, by August 1, he aims to remove all the related covid-19 restrictions. On that day, in casinos, the poker may return if all goes according to the plan. But there are no guarantees so far.

In July last year, the lockdown ended, other entertainment and hospitality business and casinos operated under strict safety and health regulations. Masks are mandatory in casinos; while too few players, some games become restricted. Furthermore, the currently restricted casinos capacity is 40 per cent.

Even if the pandemic is existing, the MGC has gradually lifted the restrictions of Covid – 19. In March, two months ago, casinos are allowed by the MGC to reintroduce the craps. Before that, furthermore, in last year October, the operators are authorized by the regulator to reintroduce roulette.

To Return Poker, Operators are Expecting for the Right Time

Currently, MGM Springfield shared a statement that poker games do not offer by casinos. The operator noted that the necessary volumes to operate poker do not allow by the current minimum reopening standard of the MGC. Although MGM states that when the poker game will return and the restrictions lifted gradually, the MGM cannot predict it.

However, the company stated that before returning poker, it would evaluate the conditions of the markets when the time comes.


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