Swedish Gambling Authority Fined Bet365 Operator Hillside Sports

The company Bet365 operator Hillside Sports offered a gambling match in which most of the players were underage. For this reason, the company fined by the Swedish Gambling Authority. KR 1 million fined, determined by the Swedish Gambling Authority; the company offered underage players betting match.

Hillside took quick steps and opposed the decision. To the authority, the company ensure that in the future, this situation will not repeat.

From Gambling Authority Hillside Gets Penalty and Warning

KR 1 million fine and a warning issued by the Swedish Gambling Authority to the local bet365 operator Hillside Sports. According to the authority, offering soccer match bets in which the participants’ margin was not aged enough to participate broke the Swedish law.

On March 28, 2020, the questionable match took place between Mariedals IK and Kronangs IF. Out of 34 players, 24 players are under 18—this serious issue discovered by the Swedish Gambling Authority after an extensive review. According to the authority, the Swedish Gambling Act Section 2.2 in Chapter 8 allegedly violated by the Bet365.

The charge refutes by Hillside, claiming that as the match not arranged for the underage players, due to this fact, offering odds was legal, Hillside claimed. Immediate steps were taken by Hillside and provided the clarification that this same mistake will not happen again. Betting in lower division ceased in Hillside. Moreover, the offending match rejected all bets, among other things.

Bet365 took a similar stance. According to the operator, it was an unfortunate coincidence. The coincidence that the bulk of the players are underage, and it’s not possible to foresee it.

Bet365 argued furthermore that the only suitable action was a warning if it violated the Swedish Gambling Act. The company offered a single match, and an unintentional error occurred.

Authority Denies Companies Allegations but Reduces Fine

The claim of Bet365 and Hillside, rejected by the Swedish Gambling Authority. The authorities claimed that the company be worthy of more than a warning as their activities were a severe and direct violation. More underage betting discouraged by the Hillside. Moreover, it was a first-time occurrence for them