Travel to Curacao-A Review of Curacao Marriot Beach Resort and Casino

After going through all the hassles and tensions that came with the pandemic Covid-19, people are now looking for ways to refurbish their lives. If you are in need of an escape from all the nightmares that horrifying pandemic put you into, travelling to an island like Curacao should be your pick. With a vast resource of heavenly beauty, the island will surely cast a magical spell on you and take you out of all your negative memories.

Curacao has many luxurious hotels, resorts and casinos. Among them, Curacao Marriot Beach Resort and Casino is a prominent name. Alongside a piece of the beach of the Southern Caribbean ocean, the Marriot Resort offers stylish, elegant and topnotch accommodation and gaming service. The sun-kissed water beside a heap of white sands with the mild soothing breeze flowing over them makes a mind catchy environment.

Established throughout six acres of oceanfront land, the Marriot covers all the services and equipment to entertain its visitors and make them feel special. It features dedicated customer service, which is cordial and passionate in solving visitors’ problem.

Location of the Marriot Resort

The resort is only 15 minutes away from the Hato International Airport, and also it takes 5 minutes from Willemstad. For its placement in such a convenient location, visitors will find it easily accessible without falling into any entrapment set by the local criminals.

Some Features of the Marriot Resort

About half a dozen restaurants and bars serve different types of international cuisines. Apart from it, there are two swimming pools with clear shimmering water. One of these pools is adult only. Besides the resort has also made room for kids by arranging a kids club.

Entertaining Events

Guests can indulge themselves in snorkelling, aquafarm experiences, catamaran trips, diving and dolphin riding. Other than these, the Marriot Beach Resort allows its guests to have different land adventures like ATV tours, golf courses, buggy tours. They can also venture through Shete Boka National Park and the Hato Caves.

All these offers and aspects of the Curacao Marriot Beach Resort makes it the perfect backdrop for anyone’s next dream vacation.

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