Travel to Curacao: The Holiday Beach Resort and Casino

Though traveling to Curacao might seem like an unwise decision, Curacao is still welcoming travelers as long as they abide by all the safety rules. Only a negative Corona PCR test will suffice for anyone to set foot on one of the most beautiful islands of the Caribbean.

The island is ready to host its guests in any of its hundred hotels. The travelers who want to make the highest from their visit should go for some near-to-the-beach and comprehensive hotels. Because these hotels will not only invest more to bring uniqueness to the visitors’ experience, but they will also make it satisfying.

The Holiday Beach Resort and Casino

The Holiday Beach Resort and Casino is one of such hotels. It is a large 200-room hotel-casino located on a vivid manually made beach cove just north of Curacao. The entire property has been there for nearly 30 years. It is one of the oldest casino hotels in Curacao.

The entire premise of the casino hotel looks fresh, and all the buildings and even parking lot are painted with bright colors. The inner hotel environment will give visitors an old-style vibe with faded color and classic style furniture.

The massive lobby offers many seating areas along with a convenience store. After the lobby, the hotel divides into two wings which contain all the guest rooms. These rooms are beautifully decorated and have all the possible requirements an individual can have. An enchanting outside scene will enhance the inner beauty of those rooms.

The private beachfront area is also a significant addition to the richness of the Holiday Beach Resort and Casino. The man-made cove surrounds half of its perimeter with a long strip of sand. Anybody can see the boundless beauty of the ocean from the Jetty and the beach. A desalination plant is nearby and also can be seen from the beach.

The resort maintains a relaxed and casual atmosphere throughout the entire resort premise. It is highly recommended to the visitors who want to spend some hassle-free time with their families.