Two Nevadan Influencers of Casino Industry Died at 2020’s End

George Swarts and Joe Neal, two Nevadans who influenced and help form and enforce Nevadan Gaming Policy have passed away.

A Democrat from North Las Vegas and first Black state senator of Nevada, Neil passed on New Year Eve’s night at a health facility in Henderson at the age of 85.

Neal’s death has occurred from several system failures according to the press release from Andrew Barbano, Neal’s campaign manager.

A native of Louisiana, Neal has served in the Nevadan Senate for around 32 years. He supported the increase of the gaming tax and mostly was opposed to neighborhood gambling venues.

His opposition to residential area casinos rooted in his aversion that gambling does not bring anything back. He said that if anyone had a gaming house in someone’s community, that gaming house would draw money from the community that should flow to groceries, or Medicare the rent and things of that kind.

After the disastrous MGM grand arson in 1980, Neal verily succeeded in granting legislation to develop safety rules and regulations in casinos. The Resort is now located on the Las Vegas Strip and named Bally’s. Neal ran in vain for governor twice. He took his retirement from the Senate in 2004.

Cars with Bombs

A former member of the Gaming Commission of Nevada, George Swarts died on Christmas Eve. He was 77 years old at the time of his death. His cause of death is still not published or exposed in front of the media. In a time when Las Vegas faced car bombings, Swarts’ car happened to get rigged with a bomb once. He was lucky that the car bomb did not explode.

The end of the year 2020 has seen the deaths of some key people who had bonded to Las Vegas and the betting industry, including Phyllis McGuire and Dawn Wells.

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