UK Gambling Commission Alerts Of “Fantasy Figures” In The Peer For Gambling Reports

As per the Peers for Gambling Reform’s report, the UK Betting and Gambling Commission has been alarmed by “Fantasy Figures”.

The report, led out by NERA Economic Consulting, assesses the economic factors of the changes to the UK’s gambling industry according to the proposal of Peer for Gambling Reforms last year.

Such impactful changes according to the report will bring out a major improvement in the UK gambling industry. The new reform will save the taxpayer who is in the cap of £68 million ($96.3 million) and £87 million.

The new proposed reform will highly enhance the employment scenario in the country creating up to 30,000 new job opportunities in the gambling industry. The employee earning is reported to increase by £400 million after following the new reforms.

While opening doors for the Government’s Gambling Review, the Betting and Gambling Commission has claimed that any reform must be initiated after a clear inspection of the evidence and should be in opposition with the “fantasy figures” as mentioned in the report of Peers for Gambling Reform.

Michael Dugher, Chief Executive of the Betting and Gambling Commission says, “The dream of anti-gambling prohibitionists has always been to somehow force people not to gamble or to avoid gambling for a longer time, just because they do not like betting. ”

He continues to add, “A minority of peers may look down their noses at the million working people who enjoy betting, but the truth is that the overwhelming majority of gambling bets quite safely. ”

Dugher claimed that the highlighted figures in both the reports generated by the Betting and the Gambling Commission and the dangers that are possible due to the black market should be reformed. But, these prohibitions will also affect the regulated gambling industry.

Dugher said, “The financial support our members have given to sports such as horse racing, football, rugby league, darts, and snooker has been a lifeline over the past years, so the suggestion to ban on sponsorship will do anything other than drive people to the black market is bizarre. ”

He adds, “Furthermore, our members are spending £100 million on research, education, and treatment of gambling problems, as well as £100 million on the Young People’s Harm Prohibition program. ”

He continues, “If people are restricted from betting in the regulated industry they would simply migrate to the growing unlicensed and unsafe black market online that employs no one, pays no tax, and contributes nothing to UK’s plc. “