W2 and Crucial Compliance Join iGaming Compliance Collaboration

Crucial Compliance has recently joined a common association with W2, which is a Newport-based company. Together they will deliver innovative information solutions to second the operators of iGaming through the present and future rules and regulations. W2 will provide information-based solutions to bolster and complement its responsible gambling product presentation.

One of the prime features of W2 is its dedicated and diligent iGaming team. The team will now back W2 and will work with the Crucial Compliance’s team consisted of developers and different analysts closely. It will give the collaborative partnership access to the proprietary data source. It will also open windows to develop products collaboratively and allow both entities to deliver. I will allow offering deep implementation of the existing systems and methods while assisting in developing the novel ones like aligned Enhance-Due-Diligence (EDD), Anti-Money-Laundering (AML), and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) solutions.

A Different Future is Envisioned

The Group Leader of Sales at W2, Peter Murray, has remarked that for more than a decade, W2 had provided support all across the gaming areas, and they recognized the potential of collaboration in addressing the crucial issues of that day.

Recently the COO of Crucial Compliance has had a press conference. In that conference, he was asked about the recent undertaking to bind two companies into a partnership and his vision about it. In his reply, he said that he was delighted about the fact the W2 had come to an agreement and enter two companies’ first-ever joint venture in the history of iGaming. He also said that Crucial Compliance’s team had already joined shared forces to offer simple to implement, proven compliance-related solutions in order to second operators already existing platforms and their own. They have entered into an associative analytical roadmap just to provide solvency in some of the complex and intrinsic data moved challenges in EDD, AML, and Compliance. He hoped that the outcome of their partnership would not take much time to reflect their potential on the market, and it would bring results in the first business quarter of 2021.

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